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Summer Scrapbook!

Summer Scrapbook!

Scrapbooking: Savoring those summer camp memories with photo albums & collages!

Do you remember when we used to take disposable cameras (or maybe even film) to stores to get pictures printed?  There were no touch screens or instant photos that you could see. You had to anxiously wait to see what your pictures looked like days and even weeks after you snapped them. The excitement and nostalgia of looking back at happy memories is priceless!

We encourage you to not lose your camp photos! We know several campers do still bring disposable cameras with them (and we LOVE this!) so we hope you are printing your pictures and creating scrapbooks, photo albums, collages or at least saving them in a special place.
There are several different apps and websites to create photo albums and we wanted to share a list to make it easier! Drum roll please…

  1. Shutterfly – Easy to use to create photo books with user friendly templates and step by step instruction.
  2. iphoto for our Apple fans
  3. Mixbook –  Allows you to make a sleek, classic photo album.
  4. MontageWow! This one is super easy to make photo books, just add your pictures and it create the beautiful layout for you, you just pick a theme!  
  5. Social Print Studio – Easily print your Instagram photos and create books, collage frames and more from your Instagram account!
  6. Flipagram – Free App to easily show off several pictures quickly.
  7. Pic Stitch – Free App to create collage of multiple pictures.

Well, we hope this has inspired you to go dig out some old photos or go look on Bunk1 to find your pictures from this summer! Remember you can access your summer camp photos all year long!

We’d love to see any camp pictures you have displayed, collages, or scrapbooks that you’ve created! Happy memories.

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A Parent’s Hopes and Expectations for Camp

Summer is upon us, what do you have planned? Family vacations, spend time with friends, relax at home, sports, so many options! With such busy schedules how do you choose to send your child to camp for 2 weeks!?

You know we can think of a million reasons to send your child to camp.  We truly believe in the power of summer camp, but this blog post has been sparked by you, the parents of our campers! Instead of us listing the million benefits your child will get from camp, we think it would be nice to see what current camp families have to say about their hopes and expectations for sending their children off for 2 weeks this summer.

During our enrollment process we ask parents, “What are you as a parent looking forward to most about camp?”  We get a variety of responses, all which we enjoy reading.  As a camp it helps give insight into parents’ minds and really see what they expect to get out of Camp Twin Creeks.  Here are a few real answers from parents who have already enrolled their children at Camp Twin Creeks.

“I am looking forward to my children developing self reliance and helping to find out who they are as individuals.”

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In this article, Summer Camp: Great for kids, Even Better for Parents,  a mom talks about sending her 7 year old daughter to camp and how camp not only benefited her daughter but her as well. Camp allowed her daughter to have ownership of life and gain independence in a safe, fun environment.

National Park Initiative

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Do you have a 4th grader in your family!? If so, get ready for a year of free admission to National Parks for the 2015-2016 school year with the goal to get children outside, exploring America’s great outdoors!

This Fall, President Obama will launch the “Every Kid in a Park” initiative. The effort is to encourage children and families to get out and explore our public waters and land. You can read more about the initiative here and the intended goals.

Camp Twin Creeks

Get Outside, Get Active, Come To Camp!

Our philosophy at Camp Twin Creeks is to provide children with a fun, safe and happy summer home. Campers will try new activities, learn new skills and make new friend…all while enjoying the great outdoors!

Camp Twin Creeks allows your child to appreciate the abundance of trees and open space, crisp mountain air, the delicious spring water, and so much more. It’s a time to put the electronics down and just be in nature having fun!  Check out the National Park Foundation page to find parks in your area!

Advice from ‘America’s Worst Mom’

Have you heard in the news about the mom who let her 9-year-old son ride the Subway alone in New York? These stories have brought up discussion about finding the balance between allowing children to grow and experience life on their own but still protecting them. It’s not an easy balance to find!

This is an interesting article about finding that balance and how important it is to allow children to play (without your constant supervision) in order to raise self-reliant, safe children. Children don’t get as much opportunity to play outside like they did when our parents were children. This is why summer camp can be so important for your child’s social growth.

The article states, “If children are not allowed to take routine risks, they’ll be less likely to be able to handle real risks when they do occur.” The camp environment is perfect for taking small risks like meeting new people, trying different activities for the first time, getting outside of their comfort zone, dealing with being away from home, and more. But our counselors are still there with them every step of the way to give them support and supervision.

We will end with this quote from Dr.Gray because I think it sums up camp perfectly, “Childhood should be a time of freedom and play, not building a résumé for college”!
Happy Reading! Find the full article here.

ACA Tri-state Conference – Expect Great Things!

Each year we attend the ACA Tri-state conference to improve our leadership staff and explore ways to better serve our families. This year we are very excited to be attending the conference as former Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton will be the Closing Keynote Speaker at the conference.

If this is any inclination on what this year’s conference has to offer, we know it will be an amazing experience!

Take a look at what else to expect form the tri-state conference here.