The Staff Experience | Camp Twin Creeks

The Staff Experience

“Camp granted me a platform to grow into a leader. I cultivated tools that I’ve carried into my professional career like flexibility, humility, inclusivity and how to delegate.”
Jessica Evans, Group Leader


Make An Impact!

Working as a summer camp counselor goes far beyond just a regular job; it’s an experience that is meaningful and will have a significant impact on both yourself and your campers.  You will become a positive role model for young children who will look to you for guidance, support, advice and inspiration as they navigate their time at Camp.

Create lasting memories and relationships as you explore the woods, problem solve and teach important life skills.  Camp has never been more important in the development of young people’s lives, especially after so many of our campers missed so much school in the past 2 years and are navigating their way back into their social lives. You can be a part of this process!

Boost Your Resume

Unlike a typical internship or summer job, your role at camp will be diverse, ever-changing and require a wide range of skills and personality traits. As a result, your experience at camp will make you significantly more employable in the future as you develop your problem solving, communication, leadership and a multitude of additional professional skills. Working at camp can be hard and will stretch you beyond your comfort zone, allowing you to grow as an individual and as a professional. You will likely finish the summer with more grit, resilience and a better sense of who you are.

For those considering any kind of career in a child-related or recreation field, camp offers an obvious and significant resume building block. For those considering other fields of work, camp will give you a great line on a resume that may well lead to the most interesting and animated interview discussions. That personal connection may well make all the difference!

Experience Wild & Wonderful West Virginia

On any given day at ‘work’ you’ll be surrounded by nature, mountains, sunshine, mist, starry night skies, creeks, open forests and more. Not bad for a summer office, not a filing cabinet or copy machine in sight!

Enjoy exploring National Forests, Mountain Biking trails or test yourself on some of the world’s most famous White Water Rafting rivers. Look forward to the memories, the friends, the stories and the experience of a summer with us in West Virginia where adventure is the norm!