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A Parent’s Hopes and Expectations for Camp

Summer is upon us, what do you have planned? Family vacations, spend time with friends, relax at home, sports, so many options! With such busy schedules how do you choose to send your child to camp for 2 weeks!?

You know we can think of a million reasons to send your child to camp.  We truly believe in the power of summer camp, but this blog post has been sparked by you, the parents of our campers! Instead of us listing the million benefits your child will get from camp, we think it would be nice to see what current camp families have to say about their hopes and expectations for sending their children off for 2 weeks this summer.

During our enrollment process we ask parents, “What are you as a parent looking forward to most about camp?”  We get a variety of responses, all which we enjoy reading.  As a camp it helps give insight into parents’ minds and really see what they expect to get out of Camp Twin Creeks.  Here are a few real answers from parents who have already enrolled their children at Camp Twin Creeks.

“I am looking forward to my children developing self reliance and helping to find out who they are as individuals.”

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In this article, Summer Camp: Great for kids, Even Better for Parents,  a mom talks about sending her 7 year old daughter to camp and how camp not only benefited her daughter but her as well. Camp allowed her daughter to have ownership of life and gain independence in a safe, fun environment.