Activities | Camp Twin Creeks


Offering high quality, unplugged programming in all major sports, outdoor adventure, mountain biking, horseback riding, visual and performing arts, and an incredible water program that includes swimming, boating, tubing, and more – the TC experience will nurture any interest and passion campers can dream up!

The ultimate aim for a camper spending 2 weeks with us is for the activities to be enjoyable, educational and energetic rather than competitive.  Personal development will take place as a result of the whole experience of Camp and the exposure to everything we offer, rather than individual activities.  All campers participate in all activities mentioned here.  Senior Village campers (rising 8th grade and above) have access to their own Aqua Zip Line and a couple of age specific trips.

Watersports: Creeks Walks, Fishing, Kayaking, Corcl, Swimming Pool, Water Slide and Trampoline
Adventure: Archery, Aqua Zip Line, High Ropes, Low Ropes, Mountain Biking, Nature Hikes, Zip Line
Landsports: Baseball, Basketball, Fitness, Hockey, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball
Arts: Arts & Crafts, Dance, Sketching, Theater, Woodshop

And…..Horseback Riding!

Visit our virtual tour to get a complete sense of our activities and how they fit into camp as a whole.