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Staff Comments

We asked our counselor staff from last summer to give us their 3
benefits of working at Camp.

We present some highlights here pretty much as they wrote them and hope you’re inspired to join us this summer!


Nina V-G:

1) I met so many amazing people from all over the world that have expanded my views and resulted in lifelong friendships
2) I gained valuable leadership, responsibility, and communication skills that have prepared me to work with any age or personality in my future
3) I became more physically fit and healthy due to the active lifestyle the camp promotes and gained an appreciation for nature due to the encouragement to spend time outdoors

Hayley J:

1) You’re welcomed into a community of unconditional support and love
2) You gain a newfound sense of independence and confidence
3) The ability to connect with nature and find passions only available in the magical screen-less bubble of camp!

“Spending a summer at Twin Creeks can help you better your social skills, the isolation of camp can help clear your mind from outside noise, and the constant physical activity at camp helps you stay in shape..”- Cohen G.

Sarah O:

1) growing in leadership skills and self confidence
2) the mental break from the media, social media, and outside influences (being free to be myself)
3) creating deep meaningful friendships that last forever

Juliet Q:

I think that three benefits are:
learning more about your own skills and abilities that you may otherwise have not known,
2) being able to unplug for months at a time
3) learning how and when to ask for help/create your own support system aside from family

Taz F:

1) You will walk away with positive character growth that you didn’t expect to get walking in.
2) The environment and relationships with co workers is always very healthy and not toxic
3) The memories and friends you walk away with will forever be with you and the door is always open then this is the role for you.

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