Food, Glorious Food | Camp Twin Creeks

Food, Glorious Food

It seems that we talk more about the food at camp than almost anything else.  Food is fuel and fuel is key at Camp; exploring, running, playing and staying busy.


But its not all about traditional burgers, hotdogs and s’mores.  We also focus on…

Balanced Meals

Our menu offers a balance of vegetables, meat, camp and summer favorites. Each day offers something different but with the intent of each meal to be camper friendly, nutritious and delicious. No soda, no snacking throughout the day, just a classic environment in which to enjoy food.

Cooking from Scratch

Knowing exactly what we eat and where it comes from is important to all families and also to our campers.  More meals are being cooked than ever before and the flavors, taste and variety have never been better!

Allergies and Restrictions

We are aware that many children arrive with food allergies, dietary restrictions or simply strong preferences.  We aim to cater to all of these by communicating with families and children prior to the summer.  Our catering staff can be involved in these discussions too with the aim of making everybody feel as comfortable as possible.  In addition, we only serve nut-free products.  Amy and Iain, along with our head staff, take an active interest during each meal to make sure plates are empty after food has been consumed – not because a child does not like the food available.  If you have food related concerns prior to enrolling please speak with Iain to address these.  Ultimately, our aim is that no child goes hungry and any hesitation regarding food or eating should not be a barrier toward happiness at camp.

Fresh Fruit

Our dining room offers a bowl of fresh fruit each and every day, 24/7. Campers are allowed to visit, replenish and enjoy a quick snack at their leisure.

Salad Bar

Each lunch and dinner features a full salad bar. These staples allow a camper to know that even if the main entrée is not completely to their liking then they can still resort to salad with vegetables and multiple sources of protein.


Summer camp would not be the same without the classic traditions such as roasted marshmallows, chocolate chip cookies, grilled cheese, s’mores and so much more!  All of these classics will be found each summer along with bedtime snacks and even cookie raids (sshhhh!)