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Financial Assistance

The Application Cycle for the 2024 Summer has closed effective May 1, 2024

The Campership Fund

We deeply believe in the value of camp – time spent away from home is a unique opportunity to expand one’s horizons, unplug, learn new and exciting skills, and make long-lasting friendships. We also recognize that the full cost of attending camp may be beyond the reach of some families.

To help make camp more accessible, we offer Camp Scholarships (“Camperships”) each summer to families who would not otherwise be able to afford the full cost of a session of Camp Twin Creeks.

Over the past five years, we have awarded over $500,000 in camperships to hundreds campers!

Camperships are awarded based on financial need, camper program fit, and availability of funds.

A child’s summer camp experience includes new friendships, fun, challenges, and personal growth. We hear from parents consistently that their child returned home with a deepened sense of responsibility for oneself, others, and the environment. There is no better feeling than making that experience a reality, and we look forward to reviewing your Campership Application.

Application Process:

  1. Review and complete the Campership Application
    1. First Time Application
    2. Returning Family Application
  2. Submit the completed Campership Application to
  3. A member of Camp Twin Creeks team will reach out to discuss your application.
  4. Please allow 1-2 weeks for the review and processing of your application.
  5. A member of the Camp Twin Creeks team will reach out to share the outcome.

Do you have a unique situation that is worth a separate conversation? Our team is here to help! Please give us a call so we can discuss how Camp Twin Creeks can best serve the needs of your family this summer.

Nominate a Camper or Family & help send a child to camp!

If you know a camper or family who would love Camp Twin Creeks, but may not be able to afford it, please nominate them for a Campership. All you have to do is share their information, and we will reach out to meet the family and process their application.

Campership Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I qualify for a Campership?

We evaluate all campership applications based on the information provided and take into consideration household income, family size, and other extenuating circumstances. If you’re not sure, we encourage you to apply!

What is the income cut off for a Campership?

We do not have strict income cutoffs for camperships. We evaluate a variety of factors, including income and family size. Because we offer camperships ranging from 10% of tuition to 90% of tuition, our Campership Families have a wide range of incomes. Typically, household incomes range from $75,000 to $200,000.

What size of Camperships are awarded?

Camp Twin Creeks only offers partial Camperships, but the size of grant can vary from 10% of tuition to 90% depending on the availability of funds and the information provided in the application. All families are required to contribute a portion of the tuition.

What is the deadline to submit my application?

The deadline for applications is May 1, 2024. Applications received after this date will only be considered if there is additional funding available.

I’m not sure whether camp is right for my child, who should I talk to?

We are here to help! Please give us a call at 914-345-0707 or email!

If my child receives a Campership, will they still fit in at camp?

Yes! All campers are welcome to Camp Twin Creeks and treated the same, regardless of campership status. Neither the child’s counselor nor their cabinmates will know who received a campership.

I’m interested in donating to the Campership Fund… where do I go for more information?

Please visit our Donation Page for more information on how to contribute.