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‘Sitdown Conversations’ with Amy & Iain

Episode 1: Amy and Iain – an introduction

Meet our longtime directors (since 2001!!) and enjoy this first edition of their ‘Sitdown Conversations’.

A large part of choosing a summer camp initially is about choosing the people; who’s going to be looking after your child when you’re not there?  Get to know Amy and Iain a little more here and then head over to this page to hear from our leadership team as they talk more about the influence they both have on daily life at Camp.
In the coming weeks we’ll be covering a wide range of camp-related topics and answering a lot of the typical questions asked during a summer camp sales season.  Try saying that 5 times quickly!!

Episode 2: Why Summer Camp?

This is the big question, right?  Choosing sleepaway camp for part of your child’s summer is a huge decision to make, a significant commitment of time and money too so here we discuss the importance and value of summer camp for your child.  After many summers spent at Camp, we’ve seen first hand the benefits and also heard from families as they often see their camper return home a more confident, outgoing and mature child.  The intangible benefits truly are too numerous to list here so if you have further questions do not hesitate to reach out!

Episode 3: The Challenge of Camp…

A typical day at camp contains a number of moments that your child will navigate successfully!  It all starts with getting out of bed in the morning: to polar bear or not to polar bear?  Then it moves on to an outfit for the day, applicable for the weather and activities planned for the morning.  So much to consider, and achieve!  These instances are an example of what we’re talking about when it comes to challenges.  Certainly there will be larger headline moments that full under this category too; zipline or climbing wall for the first time anybody?  These are the stories that will come home for sure – less so the wardrobe choices or the social negotiations yet they all comprise the summer camp experience and the resulting growth.

Episode 4: What’s the ideal age to start Camp?

Here’s another great question, one that comes up a lot as new parents reach out to research camp for the first time.  It’s easy to say there is no such thing as an  ideal age, all ages work!  But, as we know, children change as they grow older and their concerns about attending camp for the first time certainly amplify with years.  That being said, each summer we welcome new campers in almost every cabin in every age group.  Returning campers, friend groups even, welcome them in and enjoy the opportunity to share camp with a new person and to maybe see camp from a new perspective.  Enjoy the watch!

Episode 5: Nerves, we all have them!

How to work with a nervous camper ahead of camp, what those nerves might mean and how you, the parent, can help!  It’s our aim to be your partner throughout the process of choosing a camp, preparing for the summer and coping while your child is away for 2 weeks.  Enjoy the watch!

Episode 6: Homesickness & Missing Home

It’s a very popular question and an understandable one;  “What happens if/when my child misses home?” – a unique aspect of summer camp and being away from home is the gentle struggle that is missing the physical and emotional comforts of home.  Naturally!  In this episode we talk about what this looks like at camp, our process for helping your child and helping you throughout the feelings and emotions involved.

Episode 7: Let’s talk Electronics Policy (you’ll love it!!)

As we speak with parents considering Twin Creeks for the summer, the one guarenteed universal positive reaction comes when they ask about electronics at camp.  We respond “we’re a screen free environment, no electronics!” and they smile, exhale and respond with something like “thank goodness” or “amen, hallelujah” – you get the point!  We also love the fact that kids at Camp are able to truly connect because they’re not distracted by anything other than each other.  Watch on!

Episode 8: Community and Belonging; part 1

What could be more important than your child feeling a part of something this summer? Part of a community, a family, a cabin, a group of friends…from this they derive so much in terms of confidence and connection and those feelings are the ultimate goal of camp, parenting even. We work hard to put in place several intentional processes to ensure kids feel happy, safe, seen and confident in their ability to shine and be themselves!

Episode 9: Community and Belonging; part 2

After the earthquake…remember that day from a few weeks or months ago? We were recording this at that exact moment! We’re back to talk more about the key elements of community and belonging that we truly cherish and appreciate – and look forward to your family being a part of this summer!

Episode 10: Our Youth Development Philosophy

What’s the camp experience truly about? We feel it’s about children being given an opportunity to grow, learn and experience so much within a 2-week period of time. Our Youth Development philosophy and approach means that so much of what we do and say is intentionally designed to be beneficial within this philosophy and our goals. Over the course of 24 years, we have gained a true appreciation for the magic of camp and what it continues to offer for children and families.

Directors Interview – a look back to 2013!