Frequently Asked Questions | Camp Twin Creeks

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Camp Twin Creeks?

We’re in the Allegheny Mountains with cool summer temperatures and even cooler natural views!  Just under 4 hours southwest of Washington, DC in Minnehaha Springs, WV, we are 45 minutes from The Greenbrier Resort, The Homestead Resort and Snowshoe Mountain Ski Resort. Click here to see us on the map.

Where do campers come from?

Our families are all over the US, with many from the Washington, DC and Baltimore metro areas. We also welcome 10% of our population from international markets; they add to our diversity and provide delightfully different opportunities for unique friendships.

How do campers get to camp?

We organize luxury coaches from Reston, VA areas for an additional cost. You will find driving directions in our brochure and on our transportation page.

How old are Twin Creeks campers?

We welcome campers from 6 to 16 years old!  Each lives with a cabin of their own age and grade level and enjoys an age appropriate program and experience!

Do you offer camper scholarships?

Yes! Please see our Campership Page for more information about our Campership program and the required application.

What is your refund policy if our plans change?

Deposits are refundable until February 1st. Tuition and fees are refundable until April 1st. For cancellations after April 1st, the deposit, tuition, and fees are all non-refundable.

How many campers are in a cabin?

A typical cabin welcomes 10-12 campers plus 2-3 staff, including a Cabin Specialist who remains with that cabin at all activities throughout the day.

Are there additional fees?

Transportation to and from camp comes at an additional cost- read more here. There are additional fees for international campers as they receive the International Camper Care Package. A $300 fee includes the following: round trip airport transportation and chaperone service, bedding and towels, luggage coordination, laundry, Twin Creeks t-shirt, canteen and miscellaneous supplies as needed.

Additional fees also apply to those optional activities listed on our program page.

Does camp have a religious affiliation?

No. Our campers come from many different religious and ethnic backgrounds.

How about the weather?

Our daytime temperatures average between 70 and 80, typically with clean, dry air. At night temperatures usually fall to between 60 and 65. Sounds great, right?

How can we find out how our child is doing?

We most definitely want you to call or email us. We also reach out to as many first time camp families within the first week to provide a proactive update!  Also check our summer website regularly for photos and videos, guaranteed to make you smile!

How do I communicate with my child?

We hope you will write and email as often as you can. Campers cannot send email, but can receive email messages from you. You can also speak on the phone with your child once per 2-week session, more if needed.

How often do campers shower?

Daily is the goal (!!) with assigned times and with our Group Leaders double-checking to make sure all have showered.

How often is laundry done?

Usually once per camp session, picked up and delivered back to the cabin the same day.

Do campers need all the items on the packing list?

Yes, and we ask you to pay careful attention to the entire packing list.

Where do campers store their clothing, equipment and personal items?

Each camper has her or his own cubby space plus additional storage space near their bed.

How about the on-site medical staff?

Our 2 or 3 Registered Nurses are on-site 24/7. A local physician remains on call with the same full-time schedule.

Where is the hospital nearest to camp?

Pocahontas Hospital is 9 miles from camp, in nearby Marlinton, WV.

How old are your counselors?

Cabin staff range in age from 19-25 years old. Everyone has completed at least one year of college. We conduct criminal background checks on all staff as well. You can read more about our staff here.

Who makes the campers’ beds?

They do, and for those who are not sure how to do so, our counselors teach and help them. Every morning starts with cabin cleanup, and the cleanest cabin over the course of the session wins a prize before going home!

What are the GPS coordinates of Camp?

Here you go: 38.163903, -79.979928.