Counselor In Training (CIT) Program | Camp Twin Creeks

Counselor In Training (CIT) Program

Last Year as a Camper = Best Year!

Our Counselor In Training (CIT) Program for rising 11th graders is one that campers look forward to taking part in from their first year at camp. On top of the White Water Rafting trip, the Trek (9 Miles?!), and leading Olympics, the CIT experience is up there on the list of highly anticipated camper years. CITs are still campers and hang out with their senior cabins and choose masterclasses to participate in each afternoon. It’s the best of both worlds for campers who have grown up at and love Twin Creeks; enjoying the best last year while also having a test-run of a few responsibilities they might have as a future staff member.

Role of a CIT

CITs are looked up to as role models on camp, and have lots of fun to look forward to. Any camper that is a rising 11th grader is eligible to participate in the CIT program, even as a first year. A CIT’s morning is dedicated to traveling to and from activities with their younger CIT cabin. In addition to being assigned a younger cabin, CIT’s choose an activity that they assist a counselor in running. In the afternoon, CIT’s attend masterclass just as other campers do. CITs also help out with varying responsibilities around camp, including: serving meals at the dining hall, helping run special events, cleaning the dining hall, and more. Spots are limited, so reserve your camper’s spot enroll here today!

Support and Training

The success of our CIT program is paramount to the development of future Junior Counselors (JCs) and Counselors. As a result we ensure their training and support structures are all encompassing to ensure they are developing into excellent role models for our campers. Our CIT Director leads CITs through 5-6 sessions over the course of their 2 weeks, talking about the importance of leadership and the impact of being a role model for younger kids.


CITs enroll as campers at the posted tuition rate, but are able to claim 60 volunteer hours after their session to put towards high school clubs or honor societies. To request a personalized letter, email