Benefits of Camp | Camp Twin Creeks

Benefits of Camp

We’re proud to offer an Electronics Free environment; watch this short video to hear from our campers and how this makes them feel…

Campers have no use for cell phones and we don’t allow electronic devices to be a distraction either. This means social connections are genuine, free time is spent playing cards or reading books, eye contact replaces screen contact and friends are never virtual.  It is our intended outcome that campers are allowed to be carefree kids for a couple of weeks, and what more can we ask for?

Stunning Natural Environment

Spending 2 weeks or more in our stunning natural setting allows your child to appreciate the abundance of trees and open space, the crisp mountain air, the delicious spring water, the truly dark night skies and so much more. As part of our program campers spend time in a tent for an overnight trip, build nature forts, participate in creek walks and enjoy nature in so many different ways.

Our Staff

Each summer we hear so many great things about our staff; role models, big brothers and sisters, positive influences on a camper.  Perhaps they are camp counselors who grew up at Camp Twin Creeks, or a counselor returning for their 2nd or 3rd summer as over 50% do each year.  Or they are carefully selected for a position at camp after numerous conversations and interviews as well as the obligatory background and reference check. Whatever their background, we train and support them all summer long to ensure they are the best and they do truly make the difference.

Nothing else at camp matters if a counselor is not caring, nurturing, friendly and at camp for all of the right reasons; to make a difference in the life of a child.

Our Directors

Iain and Amy offer many years of past camp experience and, just as importantly, look forward to many more summers of fun at Camp Twin Creeks. They are heavily involved in daily camp life, participating at activities, calling you with updates or questions and knowing all of the campers that join us each summer. Along with their 3 children, Iain and Amy truly enjoy and appreciate being at camp each summer and will do all they can to make your summer experience the best possible one.


Spending time in a cabin with other campers for several weeks allows great bonds and friendships to flourish. Sharing the adventures, memories and silly tales after each summer brings boys and girls of all ages together. Our staff establish a clear understanding for all campers to know that every child should be safe and that bullying is not tolerated. New campers are monitored to ensure they make a friend and settle in quickly. Camp friendships truly last a lifetime and you’ll love hearing about them when your campers return home!


Whilst all campers are supervised and cared for with respect to cleanliness, camp clean up and mealtimes there is still so much room for personal growth during their time at camp. Making their own decisions, picking out clothes, problem solving or communicating concerns with counselors; these different scenarios all contribute toward the priceless goal and intended outcome of ‘growing a few inches’ in regards to stature, happiness and confidence by the time their experience at camp comes to an end.


With such a wide variety of activities our campers’ only complaint is “not enough time!” Participating along with their friends and counselors, campers explore new activities along with old favorites. We ensure they get a balanced program on a daily basis, all while still choosing some activities for themselves.  All campers water ski and tube, all campers fly down the zip line and have the opportunity to shoot up the climbing wall. So much to see and do, you’ll have to stay up-to-date with our daily website posts and scan the several hundred pictures to see just what your child is up to!

(still) Electronics Free

Just one last reminder, no phones for 2 weeks, and the kids do great!