January, 2015 | Camp Twin Creeks

Advice from ‘America’s Worst Mom’

Advice from ‘America’s Worst Mom’

Have you heard in the news about the mom who let her 9-year-old son ride the Subway alone in New York? These stories have brought up discussion about finding the balance between allowing children to grow and experience life on their own but still protecting them. It’s not an easy balance to find!

This is an interesting article about finding that balance and how important it is to allow children to play (without your constant supervision) in order to raise self-reliant, safe children. Children don’t get as much opportunity to play outside like they did when our parents were children. This is why summer camp can be so important for your child’s social growth.

The article states, “If children are not allowed to take routine risks, they’ll be less likely to be able to handle real risks when they do occur.” The camp environment is perfect for taking small risks like meeting new people, trying different activities for the first time, getting outside of their comfort zone, dealing with being away from home, and more. But our counselors are still there with them every step of the way to give them support and supervision.

We will end with this quote from Dr.Gray because I think it sums up camp perfectly, “Childhood should be a time of freedom and play, not building a résumé for college”!
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