September, 2015 | Camp Twin Creeks

Looking Ahead. Already?

Looking Ahead. Already?

Our winter is but 4 days old and our week was so productive!  From planning video and social media campaigns for the next 9 months, to working on a new brochure design, gathering and responding to feedback, staff career fairs, saving a date for our first winter reunion or enrolling our first new family for the 2016 summer it’s been a great week and felt so good to be ‘back’.  We even emailed every 4th grade camper and family that attended camp this summer to offer them their free National Parks pass.  Almost half has responded and received their pass by email today.  What a week!

Next week will see more office and camp excitement for sure!  Custom socks in the clothing store, perhaps?!  2016 summer dates confirmed, absolutely!  Our first official enrollment mailing for the season too – look out for that in your email inbox starting late next week.

Enjoy your respective weekends with family and sports schedules, send pictures of any fun you have to our Facebook page and we’ll see you all next week!


Summer Scrapbook!

Scrapbooking: Savoring those summer camp memories with photo albums & collages!

Do you remember when we used to take disposable cameras (or maybe even film) to stores to get pictures printed?  There were no touch screens or instant photos that you could see. You had to anxiously wait to see what your pictures looked like days and even weeks after you snapped them. The excitement and nostalgia of looking back at happy memories is priceless!

We encourage you to not lose your camp photos! We know several campers do still bring disposable cameras with them (and we LOVE this!) so we hope you are printing your pictures and creating scrapbooks, photo albums, collages or at least saving them in a special place.
There are several different apps and websites to create photo albums and we wanted to share a list to make it easier! Drum roll please…

  1. Shutterfly – Easy to use to create photo books with user friendly templates and step by step instruction.
  2. iphoto for our Apple fans
  3. Mixbook –  Allows you to make a sleek, classic photo album.
  4. MontageWow! This one is super easy to make photo books, just add your pictures and it create the beautiful layout for you, you just pick a theme!  
  5. Social Print Studio – Easily print your Instagram photos and create books, collage frames and more from your Instagram account!
  6. Flipagram – Free App to easily show off several pictures quickly.
  7. Pic Stitch – Free App to create collage of multiple pictures.

Well, we hope this has inspired you to go dig out some old photos or go look on Bunk1 to find your pictures from this summer! Remember you can access your summer camp photos all year long!

We’d love to see any camp pictures you have displayed, collages, or scrapbooks that you’ve created! Happy memories.

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Happy New Year!

It’s here, New Years Day; the day when we all return to work and the children all return to school.  Right?  I thought this to myself as I walked the dog this morning – she has to get a walk in the off season, no freedom of camp to enjoy – and corrected that thought as I remembered that, for most, the work year does not end in May nor begin again in September.

But anyhow, I digress.  Happy New School Year Day!  No streamers to clean up and no party in Times Square the night before but still a day full of excitement and I am sure some uncertainty in households throughout the land.  Some children have been back in school for days or weeks already but today probably marks the day when EVERYBODY is back.  New hair, new shoes, new backpack?  Perhaps.  New attitude?  Hopefully!  New approach after a fun time at camp, walking a little taller and more assured?  Again, hopefully.

Send the camper in your household my very best for the start of this school year, and the best from everybody here at Camp Twin Creeks.  Today, we begin planning for the 2016 summer here in our winter offices and that is great news for all concerned!