Looking Ahead. Already? | Camp Twin Creeks

Looking Ahead. Already?

Our winter is but 4 days old and our week was so productive!  From planning video and social media campaigns for the next 9 months, to working on a new brochure design, gathering and responding to feedback, staff career fairs, saving a date for our first winter reunion or enrolling our first new family for the 2016 summer it’s been a great week and felt so good to be ‘back’.  We even emailed every 4th grade camper and family that attended camp this summer to offer them their free National Parks pass.  Almost half has responded and received their pass by email today.  What a week!

Next week will see more office and camp excitement for sure!  Custom socks in the clothing store, perhaps?!  2016 summer dates confirmed, absolutely!  Our first official enrollment mailing for the season too – look out for that in your email inbox starting late next week.

Enjoy your respective weekends with family and sports schedules, send pictures of any fun you have to our Facebook page and we’ll see you all next week!