Happy New Year! | Camp Twin Creeks

Happy New Year!

It’s here, New Years Day; the day when we all return to work and the children all return to school.  Right?  I thought this to myself as I walked the dog this morning – she has to get a walk in the off season, no freedom of camp to enjoy – and corrected that thought as I remembered that, for most, the work year does not end in May nor begin again in September.

But anyhow, I digress.  Happy New School Year Day!  No streamers to clean up and no party in Times Square the night before but still a day full of excitement and I am sure some uncertainty in households throughout the land.  Some children have been back in school for days or weeks already but today probably marks the day when EVERYBODY is back.  New hair, new shoes, new backpack?  Perhaps.  New attitude?  Hopefully!  New approach after a fun time at camp, walking a little taller and more assured?  Again, hopefully.

Send the camper in your household my very best for the start of this school year, and the best from everybody here at Camp Twin Creeks.  Today, we begin planning for the 2016 summer here in our winter offices and that is great news for all concerned!