February, 2015 | Camp Twin Creeks

National Park Initiative

National Park Initiative

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Do you have a 4th grader in your family!? If so, get ready for a year of free admission to National Parks for the 2015-2016 school year with the goal to get children outside, exploring America’s great outdoors!

This Fall, President Obama will launch the “Every Kid in a Park” initiative. The effort is to encourage children and families to get out and explore our public waters and land. You can read more about the initiative here and the intended goals.

Camp Twin Creeks

Get Outside, Get Active, Come To Camp!

Our philosophy at Camp Twin Creeks is to provide children with a fun, safe and happy summer home. Campers will try new activities, learn new skills and make new friend…all while enjoying the great outdoors!

Camp Twin Creeks allows your child to appreciate the abundance of trees and open space, crisp mountain air, the delicious spring water, and so much more. It’s a time to put the electronics down and just be in nature having fun!  Check out the National Park Foundation page to find parks in your area!