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The Camp Twin Creeks Philosophy

Our Mission Statement

“With the guidance of our directors and leadership staff, our aim is to provide a complete sleepaway camp experience for the child and the family.  This is done in a supportive environment with an emphasis on lasting relationships, personal growth and an appreciation for the nature that surrounds camp.”

At Camp Twin Creeks our philosophy and beliefs are very simple. We aim to provide children with a fun, safe and happy summer home. Campers will try new activities, learn new skills and make new friends with the ultimate goal of them becoming more confident, self assured and aware of those around them whilst simply being happy like a child should be!  Each of these aspects makes Camp such a special place.

Camp Twin Creeks strives to be a welcoming, inclusive, and affirming community. We embrace differences of sexual orientation, gender and its expression, religious background, mental and physical health and ability, racial and cultural identity or background, and educational and socioeconomic status.

We create and foster community by providing an intentionally welcoming and safe environment where all feel valued and cared for, and where all are given opportunity to form meaningful connections with one another and with nature. It is our intended outcome that we foster and provide a climate of purposeful inclusion of all.

We offer 4 main program areas and offer a balanced program from these activities. They are Landsports, Arts, Watersports and Adventure. In each of these areas we offer constructive teaching and coaching of skills. Ultimately, we want the activities to be fun and safe.  As always, the counselors – their energy, expertise, preparation, commitment to the child and to the camp culture – will be the difference.