May, 2018 | Camp Twin Creeks

Housework, sweat equity and blisters…

Housework, sweat equity and blisters…

The month of May just disappears doesn’t it?  Spring took so long to arrive and now we’re being ushered into the summer months.  These past few weeks have been great to spend at home here in Philadelphia though.  Between soccer and other kids activities the garden is coming together and flowers and plants are blooming.  Add in some minor home improvements and the house looks great!

Why do I share this with you, you wonder?  Because camp goes through a similar process in the coming weeks.  From May 21, when we arrive for the summer, the grounds, buildings, flower beds, trails, activity areas and everything else will undergo its very own Spring transformation.  All of our leadership staff take exceptional pride in the appearance of Camp, the attention to detail, to safety and to preserving the natural beauty of Camp are of the utmost importance to all of us.  We hope you’ll feel that when you arrive at camp, on the first day of your camper session or for our June open house.  Wish us luck as we grab rakes, leaf bowers, grass seed and paint brushes!  Send any teenage volunteers who yearn to experience true hard work and graft too 🙂

Ultimately, our goal is to provide your child with a memorable summer camp experience and we will pay the same attention to every little detail of their experience.  We believe that attention makes the difference and hope you feel that same way while your child is at camp with us and after they return home.

OK, time to find the gloves for yard work.  See you all this summer!