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Camp – Vegemite, Haggis and Footie

After reading this article in the latest Camping Magazine about the abundance of foreign accents and personalities that can be found at summer camps across the USA, I was reminded of the positive feedback we get from our campers and families about this.


Over the past 15 summers at Twin Creeks we have welcomed (and loved) counselor personalities from New Zealand, Australia and South Africa in the Southern Hemisphere and naturally many hard-to-comprehend accents from the United Kingdom.  In fact, many TC campers know the difference between the United Kingdom and Great Britain.  Ask them tonight!  They just don’t learn that in school these days…

Ironically, international students and counselors are an integral part of the classic american camp experience.  When campers depart so do they; for journeys all over this amazing continent.  These memories on top of their camp adventures make a summer over here unforgettable!  I personally often recall the summer of 1995 as I left camp in PA for a 5-week trip from NYC to Los Angeles with 3 camp friends.  It was truly the best vacation and adventure and ultimately Camp Twin Creeks will continue to benefit from an influx of funny words, food, expressions and skills from countries near and far!

Ask your camper for their fondest memory of an international counselor.  I am sure they’ll have a huge smile on their face as they recall a name or moment!