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8th Century Poet News!!

In the midst of our busiest time for returning families securing their summer spot, I was struck by a number of applications this morning.  One was for a 16-year old female camper returning for her 10th summer, another was a couple of 14-year old campers returning for their 7th summers.  Wow, I thought.  These numbers really hit home the fact that we are so fortunate to welcome these children and families back to camp each summer.

As young adults they have chosen to spend a great deal of their formative youth, and their free time each summer, with us at camp.  The options they have each summer are numerous and can involve unlimited exposure to sports, cultures and much more.  That our campus located in the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia continues to hold an allure for them is impressive and speaks volumes towards their character and priorities.

As we see them grow in stature, size and maturity it is impossible not to be impressed.  Too often we look down on the next generation and worry about what they hold in store for those of us that might depend on them in some respect.  Check out this quote from a few years back, 8th century BC to be precise!

“I see no hope for the future of our people if they are dependent on the frivolous youth of today” – Hesiod

8th century.  BC.  Greek Poet.  Woah!

Despite this omnipresent sense of forboding, there is hope.  And that hope shows itself to us in the form of young adults who choose to be back with us each summer and truly grow up in some small or large way each summer at Camp Twin Creeks.  If you have one of these long term campers in your home, thank you for your support and ongoing encouragement summer after summer!