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Job Descriptions

“At the end of the day your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling!”



Job Descriptions

With a couple of exceptions, all of our staff live in a cabin with 10-12 campers and are responsible for the safety, happiness and well-being of the campers in their care. That being said there is a lot of diversity in camp roles and they are explained more fully below.

Cabin Specialists

Cabin Specialists (CS) are the life and soul of the cabin they live in as they take on the responsibility to ensure their campers are safe, happy and learning at camp. They travel with campers during the day and participate in the activities they attend. As a result, the CS has an opportunity to make a strong connection with their bunk whilst getting the chance to enjoy the same variety of activities as the campers! CS is a perfect role for anyone considering any type of education/child care career path or someone looking to develop leadership skills.

“My time working at Camp Twin Creeks gave me the chance to spend time with some amazing people, all of whom are passionate about sports, the outdoors, adventure and ensuring that everyone at Camp has the best summer ever.”  – Sam Shaw

Activity Specialists

All of our program and activities are facilitated by our Activity Specialists (AS). They will likely have had experience playing, teaching or coaching in their particular field of expertise. Some positions do require additional certifications and qualifications which we will often pay for and provide training time to complete. Activity Specialist (AS) is a role suited to anyone looking at coaching or teaching roles in the future. Lesson planning, communication and goal setting are essential skills to have in your tool kit.

Group Leader / Department Head

Our Group Leaders (GL) and Department Head’s fulfill a special role at camp, managing staff and larger groups of campers. The ideal candidate is someone who has previous experience working with children and also managing people of their own age. A GL is responsible for the well being and safety of several cabins, the campers within them and also the staff. A Department Head will oversee entire activity departments such as Waterfront, Ropes, Stables, Arts & Athletics. If you are pursuing leadership/management roles in the future then these are fantastic roles to apply for!

Support Staff

Simply put, without our Support Staff, camp wouldn’t be possible. They encompass all aspects of our camp community from Transportation, Laundry, Logistics, Special Events and everything in between. Do you enjoy problem solving, getting involved in hands on tasks and being an organizational champion? If your answer is ‘yes’ then Support Staff might be the role for you. These staff members play an essential role in the day-to-day running of our facility and program from behind the scenes. Organizing and setting up areas for special events, distributing water, transportation shuttles, laundry, facilitating trips off-site – the list goes on. If you are considering a career in event management, planning or simply want to put your skills to the test then this is the role for you.



We always have a minimum of 2 nurses on site per 2-week session, ideally 3, and they are the primary medical caregivers supported by our camp doctor. They are responsible for the distribution of medication as well as taking care of all the bumps and bruises that can happen when kids are having fun at camp.

Essential Functions

As well as the above specifics related to certain roles within Camp, there are several general functions that each member of staff should be reasonably be expected to perform during the course of the summer.  These include:

~ the ability to walk several miles each day on varied terrain
~ comfort in and around water and the ability to swim
~ the ability and willingness to live in a cabin with campers and other staff
~ the ability to eat in a loud environment such as a camp dining hall 🙂
~ and finally, the ability to address stressful and/or dangerous situations appropriately in our fast paced environment