Packing List | Camp Twin Creeks

Packing List

Here is the new and updated 2022 version of our Parent Handbook. 

Before you start to pack, be sure to check out our online clothing and spirit store!  Here is a packing list to print off and use as a checklist.

Optional Logo’d Camp Items

Laundry is typically done once per 2-week session.  The following list reflects enough items to cover a typical week of camp.  Please also note that luggage is taken to cabins for campers.  Children are not expected to carry their own (heavy) bags to or from their cabin.

Required Clothing:

  • UPDATED:  1 COVID test will be shipped by Heed Health.  We will also have additional tests if needed.
  • T-shirts – 12
  • Green / White t-shirt for Olympics OR THIS NEW REVERSIBLE PINNIE (any shirt that color to represent your team!!)
  • Pairs of Jeans – 1
  • Pairs of Shorts – 6
  • Hoodie/Sweatshirts – 2
  • Sweatpants – 2
  • Various Footwear – 3+ (to include sneakers and water shoes such as crocs/chacos/tevas)
  • ‘suggested’ outfit for our Talent Show – a sundress or polo shirt
  • Banquet outfit of Green Camp Twin Creeks t-shirt and khaki shorts, long skirt or jeans


  • Underwear – 10
  • Socks – 12+
  • Pajamas – minimum of 2 (one cool, one warm)

NOTE: International families are all provided with linens, blankets, sleeping bags, and towels

Bed and Bath

  • Comforter/Warm Blanket – 1
  • Fitted Sheet (twin) – 2
  • Flat Sheet (twin) -2
  • Standard pillow – 1
  • Bathrobe – 1 (optional)
  • Bath Towels – 2
  • Beach Towels – 2
  • Washcloths – 2
  • Shower caddy – 1 *we recommend small plastic basket with drainage or a beach pail
  • Toiletries
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Soap
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Hair brush/comb
  • Sunscreen
  • Lipbalm


  • Lightweight Jacket/Fleece – 1
  • Rain Jacket or Poncho – 1
  • Pair of Rain Boots – 1 (optional) *can be used in lieu of riding boots if participating in horseback riding


  • Swimsuits/trunks – 2 *girls one pieces, tankini or athletic-style 2 piece
  • UV Protection Sun Shirt – 1 (optional)
  • Pair of Tevas/Keens/Sandals – 1
  • Swim Goggles, Ear Plugs, Swim cap (all optional)

Camping Gear 

  • Sleeping bag – 1 (can be used as an extra blanket)
  • Flashlight and extra batteries -1
  • Water Bottle or Canteen – 2 *Please make sure they are well labeled
  • Insect Repellant


  • Soft Trunks/Cargo Bags/ or Duffle Bags – 2 OR
  • Roller luggage/hard trunk (above mentioned luggage is more preferable)

Stationery and Extras
We strongly recommend your child use e-stationary when they are at camp.
This allows them to write a note that we scan and email to you within hours!  Please print out and pack your stationary.  Thank you!

  • Pens – 2
  • Pencils – 2
  • One time use cameras – 2
  • Books
  • Set of extra eyeglasses if applicable

We provide all sporting equipment and supplies for camp, however if your child would like to bring his/her own athletic equipment they are welcome to as long as it is well labeled. Thank you.  


Food, cell phones, electronics handheld devices/smartphones and weapons. We discourage you from bringing valuable personal items to camp.  We cannot be responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items.