Once You’ve Enrolled… Once You’ve Enrolled… | Camp Twin Creeks

Once You’ve Enrolled…

So… you enrolled your camper at Twin Creeks! What comes next?


Here are some steps we suggest to prepare you and your family for next summer at Camp Twin Creeks:


  • Youtube – search CTC and watch camper videos – and fun old promo videos.  For a real giggle, search for Camp Minnehaha and see what Camp used to be like!!
  • Check out this book for parents, Homesick and Happy.  
  • Another book suggestion, this time for the camper, written by a camper 🙂
  • As a parent, be confident and excited.  A nervous child might need to borrow some of your confidence every now and again!
  • Talk about missing home, normalize it.  Discuss a plan to cope with that (such as talking to a counselor, staying busy, interacting with a new friend).  Everyone misses home each summer.  FYI: very few campers are ever truly homesick, refusing to participate/eat etc.
  • Start to pack!  Kind of.  Silly hats, halloween costumes, fun shirts – maybe start a small pile or bag.  Something green and white for Olympics!
  • Share the camp emails we send; follow us on IG too and share those posts.
  • Ask us if there are other new families in your area.  Consider a playdate before the summer.
  • Watch Parent Trap 🙂  It still offers one of the best representations of summer camp.  Avoid the others such as Ernest, Meatballs, Hot Wet etc. 🙂
  • Don’t waiver or provide any option to not attend Camp.  This will be hard at times, hence the growth that comes from the camp experience, and remember this is what all of our kids truly need.
  • Visit our camp store to check out useful and cool camp swag.  Only 1 item is mandatory, everything else is optional!
  • Check out our New Family Resources! New Family Zoom #1 Slides
  • Finally, never hesitate to reach out and ask for guidance and advice.  We’ve been through this many times before and like to think we know a thing or two about preparing for sleepaway camp.  It’s a pleasure when we get to help a new family and a new camper prepare for their first summer!