Sweet Dreams | Camp Twin Creeks

Sweet Dreams

It was a great dream, Opening Day of Camp 2017!  Returning campers, excited to see returning counselors!  Campers being directed to their cabin and getting help with their lugagge.  A counselor (I remember who but will keep that name to myself) not happy with the size of the cookies this summer.  I remember it all, so vividly.  Dreams are truly amazing in that respect aren’t they?

And then Blake, our 3-year old daughter, woke me up at 4:05am with small cries from her bedroom.  An accident.  Dream over.

After consulting my fictional dream diary I came to the conclusion that the opening day of camp this summer cannot come soon enough!!  Who has the countdown going already?  I think we do actually, on the homepage of our website.

It goes without saying that what I am truly dreaming about is another unforgettable summer at Camp Twin Creeks.  Familiar faces surround us as we immerse ourselves once again into the stunningly beautiful Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia.

I look forward to seeing you there and hope the next few months fly by for us all!