Summer Thanks! | Camp Twin Creeks

Summer Thanks!

Amy and I are home now, a few days and a few miles away from our wonderful summer home in West Virginia and we’ve reached the moment when we are often asked by friends, the question; you know, the question…”how was the summer?”  We look at each other, smile and tell them that the summer was great.  We tell them the summer was without serious incident and we survived!  That really does not do our summer justice though, but it’s a concise reply and will usually suffice.

What we should explain to our friends is that each summer we witness wonderful people, both campers and counselors.  We see growth and happiness and true comfort that I believe can be seen best in a residential camp setting.  Campers return relieved to be in their summer home and happy place.  We get to see this on a daily basis and we are so lucky.

Amy and I, along with many of our head staff, also meet and get to know many wonderful families.  No matter if this was summer #1 for your family or summer #15 it is always a true pleasure to meet, talk and work together with the goal of giving your child a truly amazing summer camp experience.  Whether your camper traveled 30 miles or 5,000+ miles to be at Camp Twin Creeks, thank you for allowing them the opportunity, for making the investment in their childhood and for trusting Amy and I to look after them.  This is a responsibility we will never take lightly.  Thank you so much!

Finally, in summary, we soon start planning for the next 9 months of winter and of course the 2016 summer.  We will host reunions in different regions and countries, stay in touch with emails and newsletters and also maintain our social media presence on Facebook, Instagram and beyond.  Look out for news of program and facility improvements, staff returning and much more.  We also have a few surprises planned from our multimedia team this summer.

Finally, for real this time, our 2016 rates and dates will be officially announced in the next couple of weeks along with your first re-enrollment opportunity.  Until then enjoy the last few days of summer, or the first few days of the school year and remember what I tried to end each session requesting; “make the rest of your world and lives a little more like summer camp.”

Best wishes, Iain and Amy