I’ve been thinking about you :) | Camp Twin Creeks

I’ve been thinking about you :)

Hey you, working with us this summer at Camp Twin Creeks!  You’ve been on my mind, seriously!

As I return home after a great camp conference in Orlando I wanted to share this insight with you.  A number of great sessions from some very smart people presenting a range of topics and ideas.  What they all had in common, in my mind, was that they related to our summer staff.

If you are joining us for your first summer, what an exciting time of anticipation and impending adventure awaits!  Discussions were held and suggestions were made about best preparing you well before you arrive at camp.

If you are back for yet another great summer with us, stress management was a favorite topic.  Maintain your mental health, physical wellbeing and make your experience an even more enjoyable one in 2018.

We all have a responsibility to support and coach each other and the children that we will be caring for.  I think this term, coach, will arise again and again.

Strengths and weaknesses; acknowledging our own and recognizing those of others.  Being able to view each other as uniquely talented will allow us all to appreciate the various skills and backgrounds we all bring to camp.  It’s my hope that this will help us all work together in an even more cohesive way.

Ultimately, from this conference, my conclusions are that after 17 summers we can still always improve in a number of ways.  Finally, our staff (YOU!!) are still the most important part of a successful and happy summer.  Know that we are already working hard to make this upcoming summer the best one yet!