It’s the most Wonderful Time!! | Camp Twin Creeks

It’s the most Wonderful Time!!

It might not be the time for gifts under the tree nor is there snow falling from the sky but January still feels like the most wonderful time for me.  The year turns over and that means the next summer is that much closer and it is also the time when I get to meet so many new families that are interested in their child attending Camp Twin Creeks.

I try and meet as many new families as possible prior to the summer to help them appreciate what camp will hopefully do for their child.  By meeting a family, in their home, and also their pets more often than not, everybody feels as comfortable as possible as the relationship between the parent, the child and us, the camp, starts in such a positive manner.

Questions get asked by child and parent alike and it is always exciting for me personally not truly knowing what to expect.  Regardless of the questions asked and answered, my goal is that everybody is a little (or a lot) more excited for the summer when I leave the house!

So if you’re considering camp this summer, live in the metro DC area, or anywhere within a few hours drive of my winter home of Philadelphia, please do not hesitate to reach out and request a home visit.  I have never been know to turn down an invite!