It’s the final countdown…well not quite, but soon. | Camp Twin Creeks

It’s the final countdown…well not quite, but soon.

At the time of writing it’s March 9th and a very exciting and busy time in the summer camp world!  Clocks soon spring forward, daylight returns to our after-work lives and we enter the final third of the school year.  What does this mean for us here in the Camp Twin Creeks office?

  • Enrollments keep coming in and cabins begin to fill up.  New and returning campers are lining up to get their spots for the summer!
  • Staff are being interviewed on a daily basis and some great personalities and skilled guys and gals from all over the US and the world will be at camp ready for your child’s arrival this summer.
  • Our office heads to the largest camping conference in the world!!  The Tri State Camping Conference allows us to program plan, purchase new stuff, brainstorm with other camp professionals and become generally psyched for the summer to begin!

    This is also the time of year when Spring and Summer planning hits full speed.  A number of events have already been announced and there are more to follow;

  • Spring Gathering at the Sandy Springs Adventure Course – a great opportunity to play in the trees and meet a variety of camp families, campers and staff.
  • New Parent Nights – general information for parents to help plan for the summer, hosted in both VA and MD.
  • Spring Picnic @ Camp – an overnight opportunity to enjoy camp with your family in June.  Ideal for the family new to camp to get to know us and camp better.
  • Family Camp @ Camp – for the first time we are offering a 3 night experience for you, the camp family, to truly immerse yourself into the Camp Twin Creeks experience.

These events, along with personal in-home visits throughout the winter months, allow us to build and nurture our camp community.  Our intention is to be more than just a summer camp experience for 1 year or 2 and to generate a true feeling of belonging.  Please let me know if you have any questions about any of these events.  Call or email me anytime!  Our regular newsletters and emails will contain more information on a regular basis.