October, 2017 | Camp Twin Creeks

Articles of Interest…

Articles of Interest…

On any given day as we work in our camp office and survey our camp-related emails and social media feeds we often receive article links that pertain to children, the world they live in and more as it pertains to summer camp.  As parents, Amy and I acknowledge that we are learning and watching each and everyday as our kids grow and move through the world.  All of us parents probably have similar fears and concerns and ultimately just want the best for our kids as they grow.  With that being said here are a couple of pieces that we found most interesting.

The first article I wanted to share is a lengthy one and contains some stunning statistics regarding adolescents and their use of social media and electronic devices in general.

The second is a TED talk video that asks for bravery, adventure and the option for girls specifically to be allowed to try to take flight, literally and figuratively.  We might not parasail at Twin Creeks but I would imagine a similar feeling of exhilaration exists as a camper prepares to jump off the zip line platform or get up on a waterski.

Summer camp is not the only solution of course but we continue to feel that a 2-week stay allows campers to make great choices, enjoy time away from electronic screens and experience so many scenarios and personalities on any given day.   We hope you agree and look forward to seeing your child back at camp in 2018!