February, 2017 | Camp Twin Creeks

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

It was a great dream, Opening Day of Camp 2017!  Returning campers, excited to see returning counselors!  Campers being directed to their cabin and getting help with their lugagge.  A counselor (I remember who but will keep that name to myself) not happy with the size of the cookies this summer.  I remember it all, so vividly.  Dreams are truly amazing in that respect aren’t they?

And then Blake, our 3-year old daughter, woke me up at 4:05am with small cries from her bedroom.  An accident.  Dream over.

After consulting my fictional dream diary I came to the conclusion that the opening day of camp this summer cannot come soon enough!!  Who has the countdown going already?  I think we do actually, on the homepage of our website.

It goes without saying that what I am truly dreaming about is another unforgettable summer at Camp Twin Creeks.  Familiar faces surround us as we immerse ourselves once again into the stunningly beautiful Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia.

I look forward to seeing you there and hope the next few months fly by for us all!

Summer by Summer

Each summer we aim for the camp experience to be slightly different for our returning campers.  Better? Perhaps, hopefully!

Ultimately a summer at camp is an opportunity for each child to grow from year to year and appreciate the time they spend here and the personal growth they benefit from.  Here are a few of the highlights from our perspective that a camper can experience each summer as they move from cabin to cabin and from our main village up to the senior village…