June, 2016 | Camp Twin Creeks

How DO you pronounce IKEA?

How DO you pronounce IKEA?

Did you see the article last week about the pronunciation of ‘IKEA’ – we might have been saying it wrong for so long; placing the wrong emphasis on the wrong syllable.  Bonus point for those that pick up on that movie reference.

I was at Ikea yesterday collecting a few supplies for the summer and as I drove away a strong feeling of a fresh start came over me; a new summer and the unbelievable power of potential that each pre-summer season brings.

New shower curtains, bright orange!  Great!  They will make the shower houses ‘pop’ a little with a splash of color.  What other small, new steps can we take this summer to make this 2016 summer the best yet for campers and counselors alike??!!  Let me count to the ways…

Counselors will get an even warmer welcome when they arrive, an incoming survey, staff rec games, formal and fun family support and so much more.  Campers will see new cabins, new food, new signs, new clothing designs, new traditions, more bathroom options and much more too!

Families will see more social media presence, more updates on multiple platforms and more pictures!

After 16 great summers it staggers and amazes me that we can still do so much more to improve, to reflect and to build upon our past experiences.  What an exciting time early June is!!  Stay tuned for more…