April, 2016 | Camp Twin Creeks

2 recent ‘Lightbulb Moments’

2 recent ‘Lightbulb Moments’


I wanted to share a couple of great nuggets of wisdom our team of camp professionals picked up recently at the Tri-State camping conference.  We’ll be sharing these with our camp counselors during staff training this summer and also throughout the summer with our campers to make our culture full of even more positive energy and direction.

Sometimes as parents and camp counselors we view a routine task as a chore rather than a privilege.  I ‘have to’ take my kid to soccer practice or ‘have to’ walk the dog in a few minutes.  We’re going to ask our staff this summer to replace this thought process with ‘get to’  and to appreciate the opportunities we all enjoy on any given day.  Try it!  The founder of the ‘Life is Good’ company introduced this to us and our team universally loved the idea.

Our next pearl of wisdom will be used by camp counselors and especially those that teach our wide range of activities at camp!  ‘Yet’…………..

A camper may have trouble making a lay-up and express frustration and comment ‘I CANNOT make a lay-up!!!!’  By responding in a calm manner and looking the young camper in the eye with ‘yet’ our counselors will convey confidence and let them know that together they can work on this.  We want our campers to have a can do attitude both at camp and at home and we’re hoping this simple response and attitude can help that.

Try these out and be ready for your camper to come home after their time at Twin Creeks recalling some of these phrases and much more!