Job Descriptions & Process | Camp Twin Creeks

Job Descriptions & Process

Any moment can make the difference.  That’s why we don’t settle for just anyone.


It’s the sound of a Camp Twin Creeks camper, expressing the strong feelings of respect and friendship for a favorite counselor.

These kinds of bonds happen in a flash, but only if a camp counselor is truly a Camp Twin Creeks Camp Professional.

Every summer we find many of last year’s staff members returning. Then we augment the group with newcomers.

These soon-to-be Camp Twin Creeks Camp Professionals must have completed a first year of college. They participate in an extensive interview process. We include reference and background checks at both state and local levels through General Information Services.

In short, we ask the hard questions, so these people have an easy time being the kind of person you want to have guiding your child through the incredible experience of Camp Twin Creeks.


Job Descriptions

Primarily, we hire for 2 different positions, Activity Specialists and Cabin Specialists.

Cabin Specialists

Cabin Specialists live in a bunk with 10-12 campers, and are responsible for the safety, happiness and well-being of the campers in their care. They travel with the children during the day and participate in the activities that they attend. As a result the Cabin Specialist has an opportunity to make a strong connection with their bunk whilst getting the chance to enjoy the same variety of activities as the campers!

Activity Specialists

Activity Specialists also live in a bunk along with a Cabin Specialist. Our program and activities are facilitated by our Activity Specialists. They will have had experience playing and teaching or coaching in their particular field of expertise. Some positions do require additional certifications and qualifications. Specialists work with an Area Head who would assist them in planning and facilitating their area.


Group Leaders

Group Leaders fulfill a special role at camp. They would typically have previous experience working with children and also managing people of their own age. A Group Leader is responsible for the well being and safety of a number of cabins, the campers within them and also the staff.

Other Positions

There are also many other Staff that are invaluable to camp and make life more pleasant for us all.

These positions include:

  • Nurses
  • Driver

If any of these positions interest you please give us a call.


Hiring Process

We want to ensure that only the very best people are employed at Twin Creeks. Our thorough hiring process reflects this.

Throughout the process, it is our aim to convey to you the ethos upon which Camp operates. You should have a clear understanding of who and what we are and why Twin Creeks is the place for you.

The staff at Twin Creeks must have completed their first year of university / college and be at least 18 years old at the time of applying. They go through an extensive interview process that includes reference and background checks at a state and local level through General Information Services. A seven-day orientation at camp is also conducted before the campers arrive.


When we receive your application, it is initially reviewed based upon what our staffing needs are. After this determination you will receive a phone call from Richard or Stephanie, our staff recruiters.  This initial conversation is a chance to get to know each other and establish that working at Camp Twin Creeks is logistically possible. From here a telephone interview would be arranged and carried out. After a successful interview, 3 references are called and emailed.

It is on the basis of the telephone interview and consulting with references that our final hiring decision is made.

The high standards we uphold during interviewing and hiring are an indication of our ongoing strive for excellence during the summer. We hope that you consider this to be of importance to you and look forward to welcoming you to the Twin Creeks family.

Staff Screening Process

After being interviewed and offered a position for the summer, staff will undergo the following screening steps:

  • Complete a voluntary disclosure statement authorizing investigation
  • A check of the National Sex Offender Public Registry
  • A criminal background check on a state and local level
  • 3 reference checks, by phone or by online form

In addition, it is Camp policy that all  staff – paid, volunteer, and contracted – are subject to an annual voluntary disclosure statement and a check of the National Sex Offender Public Website.