The Staff Experience | Camp Twin Creeks

The Staff Experience

What exactly does the staff experience look and feel like when they choose Camp Twin Creeks for their summer?  Start here and watch this video.  Not quite a day in the life but a snapshot of everything you might enjoy during a summer at Camp.

Natural Summer Office

On any given day at ‘work’ you’ll be surrounded by nature, mountains, sunshine, mist, starry night skies, creeks, open fields and more. Not bad for a summer office, not a filing cabinet or copy machine in sight!


Skills, Skills, Skills

As a camp counselor you will be called upon to problem solve, multi task beyond belief, keep a flexible attitude and open mind, manage your time and the time of others, maintain your energies and monitor and care for your campers. All of this takes place before 9:30am each and every day!

All of these challenges and tasks make the role of a camp counselor probably the most challenging job you’ll ever perform. Oh, and the most rewarding.

For those considering any kind of career in a child-related or recreation field, camp offers an obvious and significant resume building block. For those considering other fields of work, camp will give you a great line on a resume that may well lead to the most interesting and animated interview discussions. That personal connection may well make all the difference!


One Time, at Camp

The memories, the friends, the stories, the adventures – you’ll get so many of all of these. It will be hard to go home, back to the real world, and not bore all of those around you with stories of your summer!

Wild and Wonderful

Spending time in the beautiful state of West Virginia only makes the summer even better. Discover everything it has to offer, meet the people, explore the local towns and cities and know that you will yearn to return again and again.